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Powerkuff LLC has created and patented an easy to install sensor and energy monitoring system to audit your home and small business. The Powerkuff monitor is a remote electric power monitoring system which you can install without special tools or licenses. You simply place the sensor module on the wire or conduit that leaves the electric meter (hook and eye strap) and turn the display on. Downloads from www.powerkuff.com .

The Powerkuff monitor measures total electric power traveling in the service entrance cable or conduit that feeds the home or business. If you see o00.8 on the monitor your home is using 0.8 kilowatts or 800 watts of power right then. Take the display inside and demonstrate that the Powerkuff monitor is reading the power coming into your home by turning on or off a light or appliance and watch the power use numbers change. (Wireless range 30 meters or 100 feet). To use the Powerkuff monitor as a data logger (record power readings from the monitor on your computer) downloads at powerkuff.com .

You can record data runs on your PC with MS Word

All Powerkuff monitors are calibrated to the cable coming into the home. (SE)   If however you would like to calibrate your home then you have to turn off all power except a known, balanced 240 volt load.

Place the sensor module on the Service Entrance Cable (SE) leaving the meter.

Turn on plug-in electric lights in several rooms. Measure their loads with the Kill A Watt meter or estimate the load by looking at the bulb wattage and try to get 1,000 watts going (remember to include the PC if it’s plugged in). With the Powerkuff monitor and software running recalibrate to 1000 (see page 15 of the Owners manual) and you should see o01.0 on the display. Walk around the house with the display and get a feel for the information gathering ability of the Powerkuff system.

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