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Powerkuff Testimonials

City of Milford, Delaware
The Powerkuff is a simple yet unique device that when placed properly helps homeowners with mechanical meters conserve power. The Powerkuff is easy to install and requires no electrician or handyman for most installations. The concept of assisting in balancing residential loads and reducing power consumption should be attractive to customers and prompt them to invest in a Powerkuff. As a local utility we have workshops to educate our customers in power conservation programs and the Powerkuff is offered to all of our residential customers. Many of our customers at our utility like the idea of reducing their power consumption and have had various results ranging in savings from 3 to 15% on their energy costs. The City of Milford will continue to offer this product to our customers.

Ohio customer
"Powerkuff amazing" I put Powerkuff 8 inches away from meter. In December I used 14-15 kilowatt hours per day before Powerkuff.

I installed a capacitor bank and lowered it to 11-12 per day. Then I used the Powerkuff, it is now 8-9 kilowatt hours per day in January. This is at least 10 percent. In used in May with no furnace 10 kilowatt hours per day.This Powerkuff is incredible. So I am using in winter less than I use in May. thanks!

Gary Simpson, Milford, Delaware
"Great invention! I documented a savings of 15% each month ($12/mo) for the first three months after I installed it. Poweruff made us more aware of our electric power use, but I think the Powerkuff really helps save energy expense."

Catherine Reed, Fort Collins, Colorado
"So simple to install even I did it. We did not believe such a simple wrap would do anything but we have noticed a real savings this fall."

Ms. Mary Caristo, Port Orange, Florida
"I slipped one on the wire 3 months ago and my husband keeps pointing out the saving 'We' have done with conservation. I still don’t think he noticed it on the wire. Thanks!"

Janet Strickland, Millsboro, Delaware
"Thank you for the Powerkuff I have noticed a big difference this Thanksgiving and I am looking forward to the Christmas Holliday savings."

Dottie Edwards, Milford, Delaware
"I wish more people would express their desire to save energy costs. Since I installed my Powerkuff I have saved 5 dollars each month."

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